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We proudly supply, calibrate, certify and help register cannabis scales.  This ensures that dealings with the state of Colorado in regards to cannabis and marijuana regulations are simple and painless. We also maintain a large stock of pick-up and display scale models for handling and demonstrations.

As Colorado’s main scale resource, we help our customers satisfy the necessary regulations without spending money unnecessarily.

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Gram Scales

Depending on your business’s location, these scales may require on-site calibration due to jarring and elevation. Sometimes barometric pressure changes during transit require calibration as well.

Pound Scales

Our scales are very versatile and offer the ability to be used for weighing, counting, check weighing, percentages,filling, database additions and printer interfacing.

Bench Scales

Bench scales are ideal for weighing raw materials, counting pieces before packaging, or check weighing during quality control. They can be used to weigh boxes to ensure accurate transport costs.

Hanging Scales

Hanging scales are portable weighing instruments that are most often used in overhead weighing and lifting applications. Their simple design and high precision makes them easy to use.


Schedule your scale inspection/calibration service with Mountain Scales now! It is incredibly important for everything to be up and running and within the strict regulations. We understand what is needed and the urgency in making sure it is done correctly and in a timely manner. Contact us today to set up an appointment.

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About Mountain Scales

Mountain Scales Inc. is a full line Scale Company capable of satisfying all you’re weighing requirements.  From a small laboratory balances to full hanging scales, we specialize in parts counting, tank, hopper and systems applications. We are proud to offer our customers all the choices possible in their scale choices. Since 1978, Mountain Scales Inc. has provided hundreds of customers with top quality products, utilizing the latest weighing technology with quick and efficient service.

The Cannabis Industry Relies on Weight.
Mountain Scales Knows Weight.

Emerging quality standards require legitimate processing and documentation practices. Accurate weighing systems can streamline these operations and ensure compliance with governing institutions. Mountain Scales provides the fastest return on investment in cannabis production facilities. Rely on us to provide equipment that truly aids profitability—accurate and durable weighing equipment designed for your facility’s environment.




Proudly serving the marijuana and cannabis industries in Colorado.